Return to tennis

What a crazy last year or so. Everyone has had different challenges over this pandemic. Lots of our customers do amazing work for the NHS and have had the toughest period of their careers, I’m sure many of you have had concerns on sustainability of work or jobs, so finding a balance in my analysis of the effect on us is really important.
It’s been financially pretty tough. We have lost two full terms of coaching, a month last November and numerous weeks of camps. 

Louise and I had our second child a month before lockdown and at that time ignoring my Grandad’s questioning of whether tennis coaching was a real job seemed a terrible mistake. We managed to just not qualify for nearly every piece of financial support so how we bounced back was vital. 
We feel honoured and privileged to have had the overwhelming support and backing we have received from you all. 
This term is our busiest ever, our Easter camps were full and we are hoping for a big summer. It’s so easy to see the road to recovery when there is such warmth and understanding to our situation and hunger to get children playing again. 

We are pushing forwards with a great new website and full logo redesign and as a business owner, I now feel like we are more robust and ready for new challenges. 
I have said it before and will never stop repeating it but thank you all. Whether you booked lots of private lessons on our first return, understood when we once again were forced to cancel lessons you had already paid for or sent kind emails to us during tough periods we love having such a close client base and so many of you have shown us such empathy in these unprecedented times.
I am very excited for a much better year for us all and we can’t wait to share a few new ideas we have with you.


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