What a start to term…

I love my job. As long as the summer is for us, it’s a brilliant time to do what we do. After a few weeks off I am normally chomping at the bit to get back on court. 

This term was a bit different. I clumsily managed to hurt my ankle on our second day of holiday. It’s a fracture and some soft tissue stuff which has left me on crutches and in a boot for a few weeks. 

Andy and Charlie have been incredible and we are really pleased to have two great coaches on our team. 

I am doing my best to be around but am aiming for a return to reasonable normality by Monday 20th September. 

A huge thank you to Vicky from Panacea Physiotherapy for helping me to literally get back on my feet! Would definitely recommend a visit to her if you have any injuries or niggles.

Looking forward to seeing you all then!


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