New logo and website

Teach Me Tennis is now nearly eight years old. It seems like yesterday we first chose our name, muddled together our first website and chose our logo. 

We have all changed a lot since then. Andy is no longer a fresh faced teenager, we are so proud of the coach he has become and the strong role he has played in our company development.

Louise and I have two children (and a lot more grey hairs) but as well as us getting older so has our player base. We have now got some well over 6 foot brutes in our development sessions, we see large numbers of teenagers and between all us coaches we teach over 50 adults a week.

Our mini players are still a vital part of what we do, we love our tots starting at age three but we wanted our image to reflect the growing maturity of both us and our business. We have worked with a local company on all aspects of design and website development and are looking forward to an easier experience for our customers and a website we think reflects the work we do!

Teach Me Tennis

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