Adult Group Lessons

Introduction to Adult Coaching

We have many different sessions availabe for all standards. Whether you are a complete beginner, very rusty after a few years off court or the proud owner of a snazzy forehand there will be a lesson that works for you.

Our coaches run all sessions during term time and there is no obligation to book long slots of lessons, they are all booked week by week.

Below is a list of what we offer, if nothing looks like the right choice please feel free to get in contact with us.

How group sessions work

Our adult groups, much like our junior ones run wth small ratios and are aimed at helping all our players improve and achieve their goals.

We run two different style of sessions, Drills and ladies morning.

Drills- A high tempo hour with lots of basket feeding aimed at hitting lots of balls, getting fitter and having the freedome to join a group without any concerns of keeping a rally going or playing doubles.

Ladies morning- 90 minute sessions with a healthy mix of the technical and tactical aspects of tennis. Mostly aimed around improving doubles matchplay we use a variety of partner hitting drills and coach lead activities to help everyone improve.

All sessions are booked via message to the coach and are payable directly to the coach on the day - no need to sign up for a block so nice and flexible! 

MONDAY (term time) TUESDAY (term time) WEDNESDAY (term time) FRIDAY (term time)
Drills sessions
12 - 1pm
£11 (£9 for members)
Drills sessions
1.30 - 2.30pm
All levels
£11 (£9 for members)

For all enquires, please message Ollie:

07824 325 404

What you need to know

We love our adult sessions and are very passionate about running them but we also don't take ourselves too seriously. Clothing and footwork just need to be appropriate and a racket can be borrowed for the first session. Please bring a drink for the drills session, you will need one.

If the weather is bad the coach will contact everyone via text message with enough notice as possible.

“Hello – I just wanted to say thank you for another great year with you. I can only imagine how tricky it’s been to work with the ever-changing rules but you did it.
Sam just absolutely loves coming to your classes. How you manage to get children with the co-ordination of jellyfish to get to the point of having rallies is beyond me….”
Lucy, term time parent

“I can highly recommend the whole team at Teach Me Tennis.
My son (age 7) has attended two so far of the Summer camp sessions and really enjoyed them”.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about adult coaching sessions, please let us know.

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